Squarespace is our prefered platform for content-based websites

Let us break down exactly why we love Squarespace

Squarespace’s visual design makes it the perfect website platform to make your images & photographs to shine. Some of the types of businesses that are particularly suitable for a Squarespace website are restaurants, cafes, yoga studios, photographers, hairdressers, blogs, portfolios & more. 

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace launched in 2003 & has grown steadily since, gaining over a million customers over the years. Squarespace is an all-in-one, self-contained CMS (content management system). This means you never have to worry about updating software, plugins, or widgets; patch security vulnerabilities, or worry that you might break your website. There are no security updates or patches to worry about. Squarespace also offers free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates with their websites which means your website visitors will have a secure connection on every page. Squarespace is also flexible & scalable so you can rest assured that as your business grows, your website will grow with you. See here for a full list of Squarespace features.

Visually appealing & responsive websites

Squarespace websites are beautifully & thoughtfully designed to incorporate cutting-edge UI/UX best practices, which means your website will have the best “form & function” without having to pay for expensive UI/UX design services.

All of the Squarespace templates are responsive which means that your customers can view your website on any device & screen size so your content will look great on every device, every time.

Wait, you said templates?

You might be thinking if Squarespace has templates, why would I pay you to create my website for me? Well, a couple of reasons. Yes, you can build your site for yourself but we have been building them for years. This means we can build your site quicker than you & have it ready to launch thanks to our experience with Squarespace & knowledge of website best practices. We also have something called the design eye which put simply means we know what looks good when it comes to website design.

While it’s true we do start off your website using a template, these are just there to act as a starting point. We customise all of the templates we use so no one will ever know that it’s a template, it will look & feel like a custom built website. Your website will be distinctly & beautifully branded but maintains a familiar user experience.

The reason why we use templates is that we believe that 99% of businesses do not need custom built websites. Custom built websites are expensive, take months & months to design, build & test plus not to mention all of the things that can go wrong.

Building a website can be overwhelming, so we will walk you through the process, from start-to-finish, sharing our knowledge & experience with you along the way. Before we start, we get you to fill out our project form which will help us both identify your business & website needs.

Easy to use

Squarespace is easy to use so you can easily maintain, update, & monitor your website on your own (of course we do have our Digital Concierge services available if you would prefer us to make changes to your website for you). Building & editing pages is a matter of dragging & dropping blocks in a page editor with clearly labelled menus & panels.

Why do you like Shopify over Squarespace for ecommerce sites?

While Squarespace is flexible, robust & powerful for content-based websites, it is lacking some of the more sophisticated elements that ecommerce stores need such as Afterpay integration, recurring payments, memberships, paywalls, restricted content areas, inventory management software & point of sale systems. From our experience, we believe that Shopify is the better option for scaling when it comes to ecommerce stores.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace has 4 pricing plans to suit business of all sizes starting from $16 per month (if paid annually). The pricing plan is simple, affordable, & transparent, plus there are no hidden or unexpected additional costs so you will how much your website is costing you each month or year (depending on which plan you choose). See here for pricing & plans.

If you choose us to build your website (& why wouldn’t you?), you won’t have to pay for your Shopify plan until you are ready to launch (up to 6 months) plus you will receive 20% off annual plans (for your first year only). It’s worth choosing us just for that don’t you think?

Interested in chatting to us about building you a website with Squarespace?